Is Tao of Badass a Scam?

The Tao of Badass program has helped thousands of people who suffer from general anxiety disorder and panic attacks. The Tao of Badass website contains testimonials from people who have all used the program to overcome their anxiety and panic attacks. Many people might see the Tao of Badass program as just another money-making scam that won’t really work, or think that it will have little effect. A lot of people are wary of anything they find online that claims such a high success rate; however, the program which was created by Barry McDonagh, a fellow sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks, has featured on TV across America. It has had acclaim from top medical professionals that specialise in the field of psychology due to the very simple approach it takes in tackling the problem. 

The program is not hypnosis, which in itself can leave people feeling extremely uncomfortable about allowing themselves to be controlled subconsciously. Nor is it Neuro-linguistic programming which has lacked any credible recognition and sound evidence that it works. Tao Of Badass Reviews are a cognitive technique which has its roots firmly planted in traditional psychology.

To date, over 50,000 people who have suffered from general anxiety and panic attacks have used this program and had huge success. In most cases, users have reported that they have completely removed their anxiety and have stopped having panic attacks altogether. The program goes into great detail to explain how panic attacks and anxiety work and how they can easily be overcome. Once a person experiences anxiety and panic attacks, they are left with a constricting fear of having further attacks that will inevitably result in further attacks, creating a cycle which is hard to escape. This fear will very often have a debilitating effect on a person and their life.

The Tao of Badass program was developed through 10 years of research by someone who suffered panic attacks and is very simple to follow. It doesn’t require you to follow time consuming step by step plans and does away with outdated techniques such as deep breathing. It strives to attack the root problem of panic attacks, which is what has allowed so many people to cut out panic attacks for life and remove the shackles that were holding them back from doing the everyday things that the vast majority of other people take for granted. Things like driving on the freeway, giving public speeches, or even just leaving the house.

The Tao of Badass website has the largest online collection of photo and audio testimonials anywhere and while there are other treatments available, it doesn’t claim to be the only program available that works, in fact, quite the opposite. But it does claim to be the only program that offers to tackle the root cause of panic attacks and anxiety. There is no need to fear a Tao of Badass scam, because the program also comes with an eight week money back guarantee which offers a 100% refund if you have had no success using the techniques contained within the program.
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